How are affective reactions such as fear, surprise or sympathy to functional limitations portrayed in literature and other art forms? Read about it in this research.

In this PhD research, researcher Andries Hiskes focuses on how these reactions are represented in different art forms and media, and what we can learn from this to increase engagement with people with disabilities.

This year, a minor will start in which Andries and students will research how stories about illnesses and limitations are researched and portrayed in stories, films, and memoirs. In addition, students will research archives of patient stories.

"The intrusive nature of our fragile physical existence has become all the more apparent in the current Corona crisis. The primary urgency is the ability to repair and heal the body when needed."


Andries Hiskes: lecturer-researcher at the Research group Change Management and lecturer at the Faculty Health, Nutrition & Sport, nursing degree programme,

Intended duration of the project

The PhD research on Disability and its affective affordance started in May 2018 and is expected to run until May 2023.


Leiden University

In the media

A second scientific article was published in 2020 in the journal Textual Practice and accessible blogs and videos were produced as a result of the research. In addition, the work has been presented at several scientific conferences in Chicago, Harvard, and Karlstad (Sweden). Also, several texts that were studied in the research have been discussed through close reading with nursing students in the new minor The Art of Caring.