The lectorate pursues research in the roll of community support networks, with the ultimate goal to improve the community support networks that are meant to uphold our students. Data is going to be collected through a variety of community support network programs in combination with survey research.

About the project

The projects that contribute to this endeavor are as follows:

  • CarE:CaribbeanEmpowerment

    A community support program for first year Dutch Caribbean students

  • HIT:Hang In There

    A digital peer support program for first year students

  • Sense of Belonging Research

    Master’s Anthropology research by Karym Leito

  • DIN: Disability support Network

    Support program for students with disabilities

  • SFB Monitor:Students with Disabilities Monitor

    Campus wide survey among students with and without disabilities about the experience of studying with a disability

  • Student Mobilization

    Facilitating activities by the staff of the Student Branch to promote students coming together in support of each other

  • Community mothers/fathers

    Engaging parents in the community; mothers at the mother’s program at community Center De Mussen, and fathers at the Father program Laak

  • Community meetings

    Engaging community members about their possible role as a support network for students

  • Powerhouse

    Support program from the Department of Social Work for delayed students

  • Applied Mathematics Research
    Campus wide survey among students about community support networks.

The research has three guiding questions:

  1. What does your support network look like?
  2. How do you create an effective support network?
    1. What are the obstacles?
    2. What are facilitating factors?
    3. Within a cultural context of individuality?
  3. How do you activate your support network?
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