The proposed Communities in Harmony project will conduct applied research on neighbourhood conflicts in the city of The Hague. This research project will focus on the issue of neighbourhood conflicts by identifying the needs of the residents. A community centered approach with the aim to be present in the neighbourhoods, talking to the residents and seeking their participation and feedback through various methods to accommodate diverse groups. It is proposed that this research project focus on three distinct neighbourhoods - Laakwartier & Spoorwijk, Binckhorst and Moerwijk.  

In conjunction, the Communities in Harmony project will engage and work with partners/stakeholders in the city focused on the current resource partners that come into contact / deal with neighbourhood conflicts. The goal is to form a strong network between the stakeholders, share knowledge and based on the community feedback, determine whether the current resources available to residents are visible, accessible, inclusive, and utilized.  

The final output of the Communities in Harmony project will be to create a report and recommendations that translate the feedback from community engagement into concrete results-oriented solutions to enhance the existing resources in the city and/or propose additional initiatives to be implemented. The goal of the project is to make practical recommendations aimed at increasing social cohesion in neighbourhoods – creating greater harmony in the communities. 

This project is led by researcher Amanda Kemshaw

For more information you can contact Amanda Kemshaw  at