Care aesthetics is a new concept in the Netherlands and concerns the focus on perception and experience in care and care education programmes.

This concept is not only valuable for the Nursing degree programme. but also in the nursing profession and in care organisations.

According to Tom Maasen, there is not always enough room in the curriculum and for the lecturers to develop the perception, observation and experience of and by students and nurses. Although most of us believe this is important, in our everyday educational practice we are mainly concerned with developing knowledge and the prevailing standards. The risk is that nursing staff find it difficult to commit themselves to the profession long-term (emotionally, rationally and through engagement), which leads to a number of consequences.


Tom Maassen, lecturer-researcher at the Research group Change Management and lecturer at the Faculty Management & Organisation,

Intended duration of the project

The research on care aesthetics started in September 2019 and is expected to run until 31 December 2021

External partners

All healthcare institutions in the region where HBO-V (nursing) students do their internships.