To The Hague University of Applied Science Pro, part of The Hague University of Applied Sciences, making connections with professional practice is extremely important. That is why practice-oriented education is the hallmark of each of our Master’s programmes, postgraduate courses, Master’s module and Masterclasses.

In this context, The Hague University of Applied Science Pro also regularly publishes white papers on current topics. These white papers are usually adapted from a Master’s thesis. We make connections between education and the professional field by sharing specific knowledge that is relevant to you as a professional. They are relevant for people in many different positions, for example for people who work in the world of business, or who work for the government or a non-governmental organisation. Our white papers also aim to stimulate you as the reader to obtain new insights which will help you to deepen or broaden your knowledge.

You can find a brief description below of two white papers that were published recently.

Social impact bonds

The social impact bond (SIB) is a recent development that enables you to work together cost-effectively with a focus on results in a public-private partnership. We have outlined the pros and cons of a social impact bond in this white paper. We have also provided a case study showing you how it can be applied. Read the full white paper.

Digitisation of challenging court files

The judiciary wants to offer a better service to society. That is why digital proceedings will become the new standard in administrative law and civil procedural law. This means we will have to wave goodbye to familiar, but complicated paper procedures. In this white paper we will show you the implications. Read the full white paper.


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