The Hague University of Applied Sciences offers part-time degree programmes, aimed at professionals, under the name The Hague University of Applied Sciences Pro. The offer is versatile, up-to-date and practice-oriented. Some programmes are very small-scale, others are as complete as a regular programme. Are you that professional who wants lifetime learning? Discover our selection of THUAS Pro educational programmes: associate degrees, bachelors, post-graduate programmes, masters, master classes and master modules. All can be followed while working.


The Hague University of Applied Sciences has a regional embedding and an international appeal. In addition to the region, the students of our Pro degree programmes also come from other European countries or from other continents. They often work for an international organisation or in an international context. The degree programmes at The Hague University of Applied Sciences Pro fit in very well with this.

Practice-oriented and personal

"You are absolutely not a number in the Pro degree programmes," says student Markwin Davids. "We are in a small group. After the first lesson, lecturers already know every student by name and function. The lecturers come from the professional field or know the practice like the back of their hand. They use examples that are relevant to me and the others in the group. Both inside and outside the classroom they are very approachable."

Diverse and international

Taiwanese TinChou Lin is following the master's degree in Financial Management and Control at The Hague University of Applied Sciences Pro. "I know that I can learn and experience so much more here, in this society where diversity is utilised to the maximum." Just like all other students, TinChou Lin experiences The Hague University of Applied Sciences Pro as a pleasant learning environment, in which you can easily come to new insights together during a lesson. Also an environment in which culture, nature, beach and sea are always close by.

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