Function Name
Dean drs. N.J. van de Griend (Nellie)
Faculty Office Manager E. van Kooten Msc (Eva)


Programmes Programme managers
Architecture drs. R.M. van Kampen (Rob)
Civil Engineering drs. R.M. van Kampen (Rob)
Electrical and Electronic Engineering  drs. H.E. Duivenvoorden (Hidde)
Applied Physics dr. B. A. van der Plas (Boaz)

Industrial Design Engineering (3 year programme)

W.A. Visser Msc (Wianda)
Industrial Engineering & Management ing. ir. R.P. van der Werf (Rob)
Applied Mathematics

dr. B. A. van der Plas (Boaz)

Mechanical Engineering ing. ir. R.P. van der Werf (Rob)
Mechatronics drs. H.E. Duivenvoorden (Hidde)
Process & Food Technology (3/4 year programme)
(CROHO: Chemische Technologie)
W.A. Visser Msc (Wianda)
Spatial Development | Climate & Management drs. R.M. van Kampen (Rob)


Research Group Lector
Energy in Transition dr. ir. ing. S. Mertens (Sander)
Future Urban Systems

dr. R. Sebastian (Rizal)

Photonics dr. S.A. van den Berg (Steven)
Smart Sensor Systems

dr. J.F.B. Bolte (John)
dr. S.H. Aerts (Sam)

Smart Sustainable Manufacturing dr. ir. J.M.G. Coenen (Jenny)
Technology for Health dr. L.P. de Witte (Luc)
Technology for Health Special professor: dr. H. Ramanna (Hermanth)


The degree programmes are taught at the main campus, Johanna Westerdijkplein, in The Hague and the Delft campus.