What we stand for

We provide efficient and integrated administrative services and management information in the areas of personnel and financial administration, controlling, procurement and external income, including subsidies. We monitor the continuity of the organization and support the management in order to be in control. By doing so, we contribute to the realization of high-quality education and research and the other strategic goals.

This is our vision

We act as the economic conscience of the university, actively monitor internal and external developments and, where necessary, draw attention to them. We direct the design and implementation of the university-wide PDCA cycle. We are a reliable, effective and professional service provider with a high level of satisfaction among staff and students. Our operational processes are smart, customer-friendly and flexibly organized. Support in monitoring the achievement of strategic goals is optimal. The digital landscape of IT is a precondition for this.


C.J. Groen (Kees Jan)

Business Administration & Control Units

  • Staff & Administration Office B&C
  • Services Unit
  • Control Unit


Business Administration & Control Secretariat

Poseidon 8.21
+31 (0)70 - 445 8898 / 8855


Organisational chart