What will The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) do with your data? 

The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) will use your survey answers to conduct in-depth research for the purposes of monitoring, evaluating and improving our educational policy. There are two research objectives: 

  • A study aimed at comparing the different levels of satisfaction and engagement between groups of students (e.g., between Dutch-speaking and international students, or between students in different study years) for the purpose of making targeted improvements to our education in order to provide a higher quality of education. 
  • A study aimed at the relationship between student satisfaction/engagement and study/student success, in order to determine the extent to which satisfaction and engagement are indicators for study success for the purpose of improving study success and enhancing the study experience. 

Which information will be linked? 

If you give consent to link your answers on the NSE with data from the institution via your THUAS email address, only the following pieces of information (taken from Osiris) will be linked: 

  • Year you started the degree programme 
  • Previous education (in the Netherlands) 
  • Study progress information (BSA, whether you have completed the foundation programme, number of credits earned) 

Once the aforementioned details have been linked, your email address will be removed from this data file and the linking index will be destroyed. This will be done no later than six months after the NSE has been completed (final meeting in July).

Who will have access to the data? 

THUAS will act as the controller and will link the NSE results to the aforementioned background and study progress information. The data linking and in-depth studies will be carried out by researchers from Institutional Research at THUAS (ir@hhs.nl). The data will always be reported anonymously so it can never be traced back to you individually. Your degree programme or lecturers will never know what you answered. 

How long will the data be stored? 

Completed questionnaires will be encrypted or saved in a protected environment and will be saved only as long as they are needed for this research. 

Can you withdraw your consent at a later point in time?

If you have questions or complaints, or if you wish to withdraw your consent, please contact ir@hhs.nl. For further questions about how THUAS is handling your data, you can contact the Data Protection Officer at fg@hhs.nl. View The Hague University of Applied Sciences Privacy Regulations.