Within the Haags Ontmoeten (The Hague Meeting) project of the Werkplaats Sociaal Domein Den Haag & Leiden there is contact between young and old. First-year students of the Social Work degree programme of The Hague University of Applied Sciences engage in conversation with the elderly at Haags Ontmoeten locations. They follow the education module 'The question behind the question', in which they learn to observe and work with people. During the project, they talk to the elderly and make portraits of them based on these conversations. During this project, both generations get to know each other better, which provides nice insights.

Special conversations

To understand the favourite activity of one of the elderly people, a student translated 'shuffleboard' as: ‘Oh, that's that swiping with those discs on a board'. The 2020 /2021 academic year was challenging for the project because of the corona measures. However, they still had inspiring conversations, resulting in striking portraits.

For more information

Do you want more information about the Haags Ontmoeten project? You can read more about it in the Haags Ontmoeten report ‘A meeting between two generations' and it includes a number of special portraits of elders made by students.