Congratulations to the two teams of employees of The Hague University of Applied Sciences who were able to take a shared second prize to The Hague after completing the 'Leadership Challenge with Data Analytics' course. A course where they mainly learned more about the preconditions and side effects involved in data analytics. They did this for various practical cases - the challenges - that they worked on in teams during the course. Professor of Learning Technology & Analytics, Theo Bakker, coached the TU Delft team to victory. 

Data analytics within The Hague

Preconditions and side effects can be ethical, legal, privacy and technical issues that affect every part of the organisation. And that is what employees from various parts of THUAS deal with on a daily basis. For example, each faculty has policy, advice and quality employees (BAK employees) and the Education and Research department (O&O) has the Institutional Research & Analytics team. The research group Learning Technology & Analytics (LTA) of the Centre of Expertise Global and Inclusive Learning even conducts research into data analytics.

“Data analytics – also known as learning analytics – is often the impetus for change or improvement. Such analyzes provide insight and answers. Both in advance: which point should we address? As in retrospect: does the intervention work? At THUAS, for example, we use it to improve the quality of our education and prevent stumbling blocks for students,” Theo explains.


Dennis Brouwer, Jorno van Gelder, Kim van der Kruis and Esterella de Roo from the Institutional Research & Analytics team (OKC) and Monique Deleu (M&O), Bob Rietbergen (BFM) and Nando Rensen (GVS & researcher at the research group LTA) as BAK employees participated in the course. Memon Boukiour and Marcel van Vliet from the research group LTA completed the THUAS representation.

“Many aspects are discussed in the challenges. For example, Marcel and I designed a plug-in for students to better prepare for tests,” says Memon. The other team from THUAS designed a dashboard for student supervisors. Esterella: “The strength of our team was in the multidisciplinary character and the collaboration between staff department, faculties and research group. The product was really created in co-creation.”

“It is great that we were able to participate with such a broad representation from THUAS in this course. The training not only contributes to the professionalisation of employees, but also ensures that internal communication become easier and that there is more connection. I also really see this course as a further development for the research group,” Theo adds.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about the content of the two projects? Please contact Esterella de Roo and Dennis Brouwer from OKC or Memon Boukiour and Marcel de Vries from the research group LTA.