Professionals need continuous training to keep up with changes in the labour market and in their profession. To meet this need, The Hague University of Applied Sciences is participating in the national Microcredentials pilot. By participating in the Microcredentials pilot, The Hague University of Applied Sciences is taking the next step towards further expansion of its Lifelong Learning (LLO) offering, specifically designed for the upskilling, retraining or refresher training of professionals.

Recognised quality and value

A microcredential is a reliable and recognised digital certificate that allows professionals to demonstrate what they know, can do and understand after successfully completing a short educational unit. These shorter educational units offer 3 to 30 credits (EC). Microcredentials are nationally recognised and acknowledged, and guarantee that you have received high-quality education through the underlying quality framework. You can also easily share your microcredentials with other educational institutions and employers. These organisations can then verify your obtained microcredentials online to see what education you have received, including your results.

Take control of your career

Professionals often need specific retraining and do not always need a full education with a diploma as a conclusion. Smaller educational units may be a better fit and provide the flexibility professionals are looking for. Microcredentials give smaller educational units an independent value: just like associate degrees, bachelors and masters, microcredentials have a recognised quality value. A microcredential ensures that achieved learning outcomes are recognised elsewhere. As a professional, you can build on the knowledge and skills you have already acquired and shape your development with various degree programmes and at educational institutions.

Participating degree programmes

In September 2022, The Hague University of Applied Sciences will offer the first educational module with microcredentials. The module 'Advanced interview techniques for nurses' in the nursing degree programme. In February 2023, a second module will follow titled 'The Next Generation Business Case: the value case'.  

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of following an educational module with Microcredentials or do you want additional information about the Microcredentials pilot? Please contact the Microcredentials project leader Marjet de Vries: