Dear students and colleagues, 

It is a great privilege that we live in a democracy with free elections. Therefore, it is important that a number of The Hague University of Applied Sciences students and employees actively supported this by manning the polling stations at THUAS. Many are reflecting on the outcome of the elections at the moment. In our conversations with students and employees since Wednesday evening, the question of what this means for THUAS and for our community often came up. We were also asked what this means for the THUAS mission. 

The answer to the latter question is simple: there will be no changes to our mission. THUAS is and will remain an internationally-oriented knowledge institute where everyone is welcome. We stand for an open, diverse and inclusive community. We are proud of the diversity of our community; that is where our strength lies. Because those who incorporate different perspectives, see more and know more. This contributes to the quality of our education and research. We are proud of our openness and the many national and international connections that enrich our education and research. 

As a student or employee of THUAS, you belong to our community, no matter where you come from and what your political affiliation is. If for any reason you do not feel safe or free, please reach out to us about it. THUAS is a safe place for all of us. Respect for each other, openness and seeking connection is what makes us and our inclusive community strong. We will continue to be committed to that as THUAS.  

Elisabeth Minnemann  
Arend Hardorff  
Hans Nederlof