Highest score on General Satisfaction in National Student Survey 2024 

Students at The Hague University of Applied Sciences are the most satisfied with their degree programmes, compared to the other university of applied sciences in the Randstad region. Strong scores also emerged on atmosphere on the degree programme and whether students would choose their degree programme again. And we are particularly proud of that! “At THUAS, we dedicate ourselves daily to providing quality education for and with our students. It is good to see that it is appreciated in this way,”  said Arend Hardorff, member of the Executive Board and portfolio holder for Education and Quality Assurance. 

Inclusiveness and guidance valued

This year, as many as 36% of our students filled in the National Student Survey to give their opinion about their degree programme and The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Besides the satisfaction scores mentioned above, the rating for our inclusive culture also stands out: within the degree programme, lecturers and students treat each other respectfully (4.04) and the degree programme promotes an inclusive study climate (3.71). Finally, students indicated satisfaction with the lecturer guidance (3.60). 

Room for growth

Hardorff: “Our ambition level is high, we work day in and day out for student success. The results of the NSE offer good insights into how we can continue to do that to the best of our ability.’ Room for improvement lies, for example, in the timely announcement of changes to the timetable, the extent to which students can shape the programme themselves and the extent to which they are encouraged to actively participate in education. 

About the National Student Survey

The National Student Survey is a nationwide survey in which students annually give their opinions about their degree programme and institutes. Students are questioned on a variety of topics. Arend Hardorff: “We highly value the opinion of our students. The NSE, among others, allows them to really make their voices heard. We are pleased that our students indicate overall satisfaction and constantly endeavour to improve ourselves continuously.”