Four alumni of the Social Work degree programme have joined forces with the PowerProps project to support and motivate students who are falling behind. "When I was a student, I would have liked to have someone who could show me the way when I was at a loss, but it was too much of a barrier for me to email my lecturers every time. Especially now during the pandemic, the transition to higher education may feel even bigger to students. I believe that the use of alumni can greatly ease that transition by providing them with accessible assistance." Yoeri - Social Work alumni and tuto

PowerProps was created to prevent study delays. As a university of applied sciences, we believe it's important that students who experience a study delay receive proper guidance and don’t drift between years. Student welfare is central here. These former students (tutors) have recently graduated and are therefore still very close to the current students and know exactly what process the students are going through.

"I personally experienced what it's like to study during corona. It was a difficult time, because our contact with lecturers and classmates was reduced. The power of PowerProps is to maintain one-to-one contact with students and offer tailor-made solutions. It motivates me to contribute to the development of students and the promotion of education.

Every week I encounter young people in my social work who started a degree programme but never finished it. That is why I think it's important to dedicate myself to these students through this project."

Mustafa - Social Work alumni and tutor

Students who accept the help of tutors have the freedom to compose their own programme, which makes it even more attractive for them. The foundation programme starts simultaneously in September with one half starting with module 1 and the other half with module 2. In semester 2, the students switch module. Effectively, it means that PowerProppers can follow subjects from both modules at the same time. This gives students more control over their degree programme and enables them to meet the entry requirements for the subsequent course or year more quickly. This also encouraged students who were already in Year 2 to join this programme and to intrinsically address their own 'delay'.

"Motivating and supporting students with delays has taught me to listen to what THEY need and respond to it. To be able to alternate roles as a teacher, a listener, a friend or a motivator. Learning together and being a team with one goal: to move on to Year 2 as quickly as possible." Ninke - Social Work alumni and tutor

Every week there is a study club where students meet in small groups. To study together, work on assignments and attend classes.

"The students respond very positively to the support. They know that I completed the same degree programme as them, with generally the same lecturers and subjects. So there is a lot of common ground between me and the students, which is positive for providing support. I notice that the students are very interested in real-life experience. What struck me most was how surprised students were when I told them that as a professional, you quickly recognise and apply a lot of the theory you were taught in your career."

Imad - Social Work alumni and tutor

PowerProps was created in 2021. The Social Work degree programme now supervises 45 students within this programme. Offering this programme enables students to make their own deliberate decisions about their study rhythm and find a balance. More information about the Social Work degree programme? Check out our website or follow us on Instagram.