Over the past week, we have followed the news with shock: Russia has invaded Ukraine and there is a war. The events evoke many reactions: disbelief, fear, sadness. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this situation, directly or indirectly. In particular, our students and employees affected by this situation have our full attention.

As an international university of applied sciences, we stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, particularly with students and staff of educational institutions. We also support Russian educational institutions who courageously continue to dedicate themselves to peace, cooperation and dialogue.


We are here for all our students and employees affected by this war, and we are in continuous contact with our students and employees from Ukraine as well as Russia. Where necessary, our student counsellors, student psychologists and managers offer support and a sympathetic ear for all our students. In addition, we are investigating ways to further help to Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian students in case of study delay and (financial) emergency.

We have received many reactions from students and employees, looking for ways to help. There are many initiatives to help Ukraine. THUAS will join the national action day for Ukraine (Monday, March 7th). More information will follow soon.

The Crisis Management Team is keeping a close eye on the situation as well as the travel advisories. There is still a lot of uncertainty, and the situation is developing rapidly. Please keep a close eye on the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs' reports.


At THUAS, we want to offer a safe learning and working environment for students and employees. These are difficult times in which we need to look out for one another. We all should respect the need people have to express their feelings,Ā frustrations, and fears. We want to receive those feelings with empathy. We urge you to be considerate of each other and to talk to each other in a respectful way.