People-centred justice is a new practical approach to the rule of law. It places peoples’ needs, experiences, and wishes at the core of justice. In her recent blog post entitled “Community trust building and peer mediation for people-centred justice: students are here to help”, Barbara Warwas argues that “Students are important agents of change in advancing people-centred justice from the bottom up. Specifically, by learning from students—including their understanding of trust through story-sharing and by practising trust building through peer mediation practices--we can advance the third pillar of the OECD Framework and Good Practice Principles for People-Centred Justice. That is, the empowerment of people.”  

The post was published as part of the 2023 COI Conference: Towards Just Institutional Approaches To Conflict Prevention And Resolution.  It summarises the educational research conducted within the framework of the Comenius Senior Fellowship project Trust Mediators, led by Barbara Warwas between 2022-2023. Barbara will present the results of this research during the COI Conference on the 29th of September 2023. Everyone is welcome to attend (registration required).

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