Arie-Willem de Leeuw in the SpotlAIght

In a world where Artificial Intelligence is gaining more and more ground, it is crucial to equip students, teachers, and researchers with the skills to handle this technology. In our SpotlAIght series, the AI experts from The Hague University of Applied Sciences share their insights about AI, discussing their work and providing a glimpse into the future of this field. Following Kanan Dhru, the spotlight now shines on Arie-Willem de Leeuw. 

In a nutshell: Innovation, transparency, inclusivity, sports, and exercise
Role: Senior researcher on the theme Inclusive Exercise and Sports
Involved in: Centre of expertise Health Innovation

Preparing for the future of work 

"Developments in the field of AI are following each other rapidly. Everyone will sooner or later have to deal with it. That's why we have to make sure that students become familiar with it during their studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. It would be very valuable if each program specifically looks at the role of (applied) AI in the relevant field of study. And by that, I don't just mean what's happening now but also thinking ahead about how AI can play an even bigger role in the future." 


What are the real problems we can solve with AI?


Encouraging critical thinking 

"I find it important that students understand how to solve a certain problem using AI. To achieve this, it is important to collectively identify the actual problem requiring a solution. After that, it is crucial for students to cultivate a critical perspective towards the problem, evaluating whether and how it can be effectively addressed with the assistance of AI."

Technology and ethics

"Both technology and ethics play a crucial role in understanding AI. It is evident that students must delve into the technical aspects of AI, staying well informed about the latest methods and techniques. However, it is equally important to emphasize that ethics play a major role in the use of AI. Students need to know what is and what is not acceptable."

Building bridges 

“In my current role at the Centre of expertise Health Innovation, I strive to build connections between different research groups. I focus on identifying opportunities within research groups that have yet to incorporate AI, but which I believe could benefit from its integration. Sometimes I actively participate in a project. In other cases, I try to set up new collaborations or seek funding for projects involving applied AI. We frequently work with students in these projects because it contributes to research and the broader integration of AI within education. 

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