The Hague University of Applied Sciences is committed to a sustainable and just world. Among other things, we are committed to zero CO2 emissions by 2040. In everything we do, we consume energy. That causes CO2 emissions, resulting in climate change. Transport, especially air travel, has the biggest impact on the carbon footprint. 

To keep a grip on our CO2 emissions, we try to minimise them when travelling internationally. That is why we are adapting our travel behaviour. Since 1 May last, employees have been travelling by public transport for business trips abroad shorter than 800 km or less than 8 hours by public transport from their home/work location to their destination. Deviation from this rule is possible only if there is prior substantiated agreement from the manager. 

Responsible travel 

In making our travel movements more sustainable, we steer towards 'responsible travel'. This means we expect employees to assess whether travel is necessary before each trip. And if it is necessary, what the most sustainable way is. The new policy is emphatically not intended to prohibit or discourage travel, but to make a conscious choice in this regard. We are looking for a balance between reducing our CO2 emissions and the importance of international mobility for our education and research.