Become both a group teacher and a PE teacher in only 4.5 years.

The teacher shortage in the Hague region is still increasing. The demand for teachers who can both teach in a classroom and give physical education classes is also growing. As of September 2023, students at The Hague University of Applied Sciences can start the new integrated PABO/HALO degree programme. In 4.5 years, these ambitious students obtain a dual teaching qualification that allows them to work as a group teacher and as a physical education teacher in primary and post-primary education.  

Arend Hardorff (member of the Executive Board of The Hague University of Applied Sciences): “We see it as our joint mission to work with school boards and the government to address the teacher shortages. Every child in the region of The Hague is entitled to good education. We are therefore extremely pleased that students who are interested in education can follow the new combined PABO/HALO study programme variant at our university of applied sciences. We expect this degree programme to attract a new type of novice teachers. With a dual teaching qualification, they can be broadly employed in different areas within education, which ensures a more diverse career path. Teachers with a dual teaching qualification can also play an important role in stimulating a more physically active learning environment and work towards a healthier school.”

Hilbert Bredemeijer (City councillor for Education, Youth and Sport for the municipality of The Hague): “It's good news that starting this summer, students in The Hague can enrol in the PABO/HALO at THUAS. The Hague desperately needs every teacher and this study programme variant appeals to a different group of young teachers. With a PABO/HALO diploma you are widely employable and enjoy even more variety in your profession.”  


As a PABO/HALO student, you will teach at a school where exercise and learning are closely connected. By combining the curriculum, students of this study programme variant are able to obtain two bachelor’s degrees in 4.5 years. The study takes advantage of the existing overlap in the PABO and HALO study programmes, such as subjects on child development, courses on how to teach and keep order in the classroom, and the graduation thesis. This means that within five years, a new generation of teachers will be ready to work in the region of The Hague who are widely employable both in primary and post-primary education, as teachers and PE teachers. 

Open Day: 4 February 

Do you want to know more about this degree programme? Come to the Open Day of The Hague University of Applied Sciences on Saturday 4 February from 10 am - 2 pm. Visiting an Open Day is an excellent way to find out if a THUAS degree programme is the right fit for you. You can register via our website: Visit our Open Day | THUAS (

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