The Hague University of Applied Sciences is on a journey into the future with AI, and who better to guide us than our own experts? In our SpotlAIght series, we delve into the minds of our colleagues, exploring their perspectives on AI, their work, and their vision for the future. Kicking off the series is Kanan Dhru.

In a nutshell: Legal-Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Design-thinking, Curiosity
Role: Senior lecturer in Legal Technology at the LAW Department
Involved in: Minors Law & Technology and Cyber Security. Also a visiting lecturer at Leiden University’s Cyber Security Program


Driven by connections 

“I find it highly fulfilling to continue to build on the strong connections with the IT Department and Cyber Security Research unit, collaborating on the development of the minors in Law and Technology and Cyber Security. Regular exchanges with colleagues from various faculties enhances our programs significantly. In addition to this, I am developing linkages with the Data Science and AI program, the Multilevel Regulation research group, and the Centre for Entrepreneurship, to ensure our students gain a more holistic understanding of law and the emerging opportunities therein.” 

Expert insights

“Being the coordinator of the Professional Advisory Committee on Law and Technology is a privilege that allows me to regularly interact with external subject matter experts, gathering valuable insights to enhance our course curriculum. Additionally, active participation in both internal and external events is essential for staying informed about global developments and continuously learning from them!"

Curious perspectives 

“In an AI-driven work environment, it will be very important to develop a deep sense of curiosity about the nature of changes taking place around us, not just for students but for everyone. Understanding the bigger picture of how things connect, building networks beyond our immediate circle and having an open mind to learn outside our comfort zones are invaluable practices. These skills are not only essential for staying relevant but also for making meaningful contributions to society." 

Empowering students for the future of applied AI

As a University of Applied Sciences, we play a pivotal role in staying ahead of the curve in applied AI by proactively anticipating developments. A key advantage lies in our ability to make a significant impact by equipping our students with the essential skillsets required to navigate a rapidly evolving work environment.” 


Our diversity allows us to forge meaningful connections and develop a robust perspective on the use of technology.


Impact through diversity

“Another exciting aspect is our diverse range of programs, spanning from Data Science and AI to Law, from Financial Management to Sports Studies. This diversity provides us with a wealth of in-house expertise, allowing us to forge meaningful connections and develop a robust perspective on the use of technology and its impact on society. So that we can enrich the learning journeys of our students, as well as contributing creatively to the wider societal discourse.”

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