Ransomware, online fraud and hacking; fighting cybercrime has long been the exclusive domain of specialized cyber experts. But nowadays, municipalities are also playing a role in preventing cybercrime. But why does a municipality need to take action? What cybercrime problems does a municipality face? And what can you do locally? In this article, we provide the answers to those questions.

To find the answers, ten renowned digital experts, including professor Rutger Leukfeldt, were invited to contribute to a knowledge-sharing session about cybercrime and the role of municipalities in tackling this. It provided interesting insights!

Rutger Leukfeldt: “The local approach is a very important part of the solution. Often, we only look at international solutions, while it's just as important to stay ‘close to home’. Local police teams, OOV (public order and safety) staff members and others who are locally active play an increasingly important role.”

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