Dr. Anna Matczak, Senior Lecturer in Safety and Security Management Studies and Researcher in Multilevel Regulation Research Group, has been awarded by the Italian Erasmus+ Agency a funding to carry out the CROSSING PROTECT project, which aims to build a cross-sectoral training approach to respond to and curtail gender-based violence.

The EU Directive 2012/29 of the European Parliament reaffirms the principle that a crime is not only a wrong to society, but also a violation of the individual rights of victims. Restorative justice approaches crime as a conflict that causes the breaking of symbolically shared social expectations. The crime becomes an offense because it not only affects those who committed it, but it also affects those who has suffered the wrong and the laceration: the victim and society. With both, the fractures must be repaired, not so much with monetary compensations, but with positive actions. Fundamentals of restorative justice are the responsibility of the offender to whom a proactive attitude is required, the recognition of the victim whose suffering must be repaired, the involvement of the community in the process of reparation of the damage. The main project’s objective is the promotion and the respect of the victims’ rights for a very specific and vulnerable target group through the effective assessment of their needs and the capacity building of a referral approach to implement restorative practices paths.


This 3-year long project will be carried out with a number of partners: 

WELCOME APS, the leading partner and project coordinator 

European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ

Victim Support Europe

L’Associazione Spondé' Onlus (IT)

Apoio á Vitima (PT)

Waage Hannover (DE)

Stowarzyszenie Wspierania Działań na Rzecz Osób Potrzebujących Pomocy Droga (PL)

Rete Dafne (IT)

Klaipėdos socialinės ir psichologinės pagalbos centras (LT)

Instituto Superior de Ciencias Sociais e Politicas (PT)