Interactive talk with the audience revolved around statements introduced by the personal views of our two speakers: Sam Schwencke, climate activist and member of Extinction Rebellion, and Jeremy Bentham, member of the World Energy Council and retired after a 40-year career at Shell. Emma Prins, lecturer in politics at European Studies, led this session.

Jeremy and Sam share their perspectives on a sustainable future and the role of the fossil fuel industry in our society. Jeremy dedicated for the energy transition within Shell. And Sam left her positions as a counselor at the municipality of Rijswijk and as a civil servant at the municipality of The Hague to fully commit to activism. Both share a common goal of a sustainable future, but their paths and the pace at which they advocate for change may differ.

An interesting talk that will encourage you to reflect on your role as a professional, citizen, and human being on this planet. What part can you play in combating climate change and contributing to a better future for all?

This event took place on October 12, 2023 in the Speakers' Corner at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. And this event is organized as part of the Sustainability Week in collaboration with Green Office, Mission Zero, and Zero Waste.