What would it mean if we were the enablers of change, of transition and of transformation together?

Liliya Terzieva is a Professor "Designing Value Networks" at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. She holds a PhD in the field of economic and organizational sciences of leisure and tourism, with a special focus on the combination of experiences, innovation, and competitiveness.

In this podcast she provides a general overview of the Designing Value Networks research group as part of the Centre of Expertise Mission Zero within The Hague University of Applied Sciences. 

It depicts the essence and relevance of networks within the society we currently live in, whereby examples of projects, practices and approaches are being presented. This podcast is an invitation to future collaboration in the realm of  knowledge development as well as to the design and expertise generation of applied models that enable organizations and professionals to sustain impact and foster innovation in an ecosystem context.


A podcast full of short, educational and inspiring lectures by THUAS lecturers and professors! Learn everything about learning by nature, blockchain, office gossip, sustainable values in organizations and so much more!

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