We are dealing with rapid technological developments.

How do you keep up with that? How do you prevent a gap from forming between your own development and the technical possibilities?

During this workshop series, you will explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and quantum, while also working on improving personal skills such as creativity and emotional intelligence. Increase your adaptability in this way, which is important to seize opportunities in the job market in the coming decades. 

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Workshops and planning

This series consists of 7 interactive workshops where we actively cover a wide range of topics together. Each workshop stands on its own. The workshop series will be held from April 15 to June 17, 2024, with workshops scheduled for Mondays at the Speakers’ Corner or OV0.61.

Quantum Technology · Monday April 15, 2024
About quantum technology and quantum clarity. Read more

Become More Mindful · Monday May 6, 2024
About improving your cognitive skills and emotional intelligence. Read more

Peak Performance · Monday May 13, 2024
About the concept of 'flow' and learn how to attain and sustain it. Read more

Health & Vitality · Monday May 27, 2024
About a holistic approach to well-being, focusing on optimizing physical and mental health. Read more

Build Financial Wealth · Monday June 3, 2024
About the principles for strategically planning your finances. Read more

Crypto for Dummies · Monday June 10, 2024
About the basics of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Read more

Life Clarity & Mastery · Monday June 17, 2024
About finding balance and clarity in your life, clearing mental and emotional obstacles, and finding motivation to overcome procrastination. Read more

Practical information

Jordi Jansen guides you through this merger of technology (artificial intelligence, blockchain, and quantum) and personal development (mindfulness, peak performance, building deep relationships). As a blockchain expert and co-founder of Koios.world and Aurora.quest, he focuses on strengthening the body, mind, and skills of talents through open-source community education. 

For whom?
The workshop series is open to all students and staff. You can participate in the entire series or attend one or more individual workshops. Depending on the participants, the workshop language will be either Dutch or English.

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