Art Collection of The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Our main campus at Johanna Westerdijkplein houses a remarkable art collection.

Want to learn more about the collection? Visit our art website. Here, you'll find the artworks displayed online along with background information about each piece. We've also published a book about the collection, which you can order.

The Lighthouse manages the art collection, supported by the Art Advisory Committee, consisting of lecturers and staff.

In addition to managing the official art collection, The Lighthouse actively engages with art throughout the university. We regularly organize exhibitions, presentations, lectures, and interviews with artists from the collection and beyond (Art Lovers).

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Would you like to buy the book about the collection? The price is €25 for students and staff, and €35 for others. If you want to order the book in bulk as a corporate gift, please contact The Lighthouse & Events.

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