The collection

A selection of the artworks at THUAS

The Lighthouse - Kunst - Lawrence Weiner - Even boven de waterlijn

Even boven de waterlijn

Lawrence Weiner

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The Lighthouse - Kunst - Roland Schimmel - Hope For Happiness

Hope for Happiness

Roland Schimmel

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The Lighthouse - Kunst - Anton Corbijn - Isabella Rossellini, Slash, Sinead O'Connor

Isabella Rossellini, Slash & Sinead O'Connor

Anton Corbijn

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TLH - Kunst - Teun Hocks - Untitled


Teun Hocks

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The Lighthouse - Kunst - Hans van Bentem - MONUMENT 1997aas


Hans van Bentem

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The Lighthouse - Kunst - Stephan Balkenhol - Untitled


Stephan Balkenhol

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Art Collection

Art inspires, intrigues and invokes thoughts, feelings and associations. Perhaps not everyone is aware of it, but there are many forms of art in The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Our main building at the Johanna Westerdijkplein has housed a special collection since it was opened in 1996. Because the art collection has already been compiled during construction, it forms a symbiotic whole with the building. That is nice, but it also has its disadvantage that for many students and staff the art is not or hardly noticeable. 

Let's take a closer look. This can be done by walking an art route or paying a visit to the art website. On the art collection website of The Hague University of Applied Sciences, the artworks are placed online and you can read more background information about the collection and the works.

The Lighthouse is involved in the management and maintenance of the artworks from the collection. Many works of art were taken out of storage, restored and hung on a new spot. The collection has also been extended with the work The Bubble by Johan Nieuwenhuize. In addition, a lot is being done to make the collection more visible, including the art website and through the production of a new book about the collection (published in autumn 2021).

Art at The Lighthouse

In addition to managing and activating the official art collection, The Lighthouse wants to do more with art within the university. We organize exhibitions, often in the Expo (behind the Speakers' Corner), sometimes in the Atrium or in one of the corridors. These are exhibitions within the context of a theme and sometimes an exhibition on the work of students or employees.