Amberscript is a useful tool for automatically converting recordings of conversations or interviews into written text (transcribing). Although this is not without errors, using this tool can save time and costs compared to manual transcription or outsourcing.

When using Amberscript you can upload audio or video files to a web environment and then select the language in which the file should be transcribed. There are currently 39 languages available.

The following file formats are supported:
Audio: aac, dss, flac, m4a, mpr, wav.

Video: m4v, mov, mp4.
Audio/Video: mpeg, mpg, ogg, vob, wma.

As soon as the transcript is ready, you will receive an e-mail notification with a link to view and edit the text in your personal web environment. You can then download the transcript.

The conclusion from a pilot project the THUAS Library conducted from 2019 – 2022 among researchers was that the use of Amberscript by the University of Applied Sciences certainly makes sense. Therefore we will examine the possibility of unlimited use of Amberscript by áll researchers and students of THUAS in 2023. The library will bear the cost.

Sign up for access
If you want to use Amberscript, please contact the library first. Then you can use the license through the library, in contrast to direct registration with Amberscript where you have to pay yourself.

Learn more about using Amberscript
Please use the most recent version of Google Chrome, which is where the app works best. This blog could be interesting for the potential Amberscript user.