THUAS Library offers students and staff members a service known as interlibrary loans: if books or journal articles are not available in its own collection, they can be requested from another library through the Inter-Library Loan (ILL) service. Requests should be submitted using the ILL Request Form with one form being used for each request. You will then receive an email confirming your request.

Before you submit an ILL-request, you can check in Google Scholar if we already have access to the full text article via one of our databases. If you use Google Scholar off-campus (e.g. at home), you must first add De Haagse Hogeschool in the library link-setting. You can do that as follows:

Google Scholar drop-down menu top left -> Settings -> Library links -> checkmark at De Haagse Hogeschool - Find it @ H / Library -> Save (see also the link below)

Setting up Find it @ H/Library in Google Scholar and search examples

If you use computers on campus, the link to De Haagse Hogeschool is already set.



This service is offered free of charge to THUAS staff. The following rates apply to students: 

BooksSupplied as requested€ 4 per book
 Requested but not supplied€ 2 per book
Journal articlesSupplied as requested

1-10 pages: € 4 

>10: € 0.60 per additional page

 Requested but not supplied€ 2,00 per article


To renew ILL books, we have to ask the owner for permission. Requests for renewal can be made to, at the ground-floor helpdesk, or by phone at (0)70 445 7882. Remember, however, that it’s not always possible to renew an ILL book.