Guest lecture by Agnes Jongerius - Member of the European Parliament (MEP) - about the Platform Workers Directive, as one of the Directive’s rapporteurs.

Digital labour platforms such as Uber or Deliveroo have expanded by 500% in the past 5 years and over 28 million people in the EU work through these platforms. By matching supply and demand, digital platforms can also offer earning opportunities for people who face barriers in access to the labour market, such as young people, people with disabilities, migrants, people with minority racial and ethnic background or people with caring responsibilities.

To address the employment status of platform workers - 9 out of 10 of whom work in self-employed status - and with a view to promote the well-being of its peoples and the sustainable development of Europe based on a highly competitive social market economy, the EU has proposed to adopt a new instrument, the Digital Workers Directive. Come and learn more at the guest lecture!

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Orsolya Tokaji-Nagy (Lecturer International & European Law)