Inaugural speech dr. Liliya Terzieva 

Dr. Liliya Terzieva has been appointed Professor of Designing Value Networks at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in April 2023. Her research group is part of the Centre of Expertise Mission Zero and the Faculty of Business, Finance, and Marketing. On April 2, 2024, The Hague University of Applied Sciences will host an event in which the inaugural lecture of Liliya Terzieva will be a key component.

Designing Value Networks: Researching value networks for lasting impact

Networks have been an important part of our society since time immemorial. We are unconsciously part of various networks that have proven their value and impact.
Our interactions lead us to form, (co)create, (co)design and (co)develop networks. Collaboration, active listening and learning from each other are crucial for success in today's call for change in all areas.

The Designing Value Networks research group focuses specifically on this expertise. They develop methodologies and tools to help different stakeholders grow toward a new future in complex, transition-oriented societal challenges.

Methodologies and tools of the research group 

During the event, we will offer workshops to introduce you to the methodologies and tools of the Designing Value Networks research group. In addition, Liliya and her research group will present the themes and ambitions of the Designing Value Networks research group. They will show the impact their work has on both education and practice.

How do I participate in the event?

In addition to participating in the workshops, you are cordially invited to attend the official part of the inauguration. You can register for the full program or for the official part only. The official language during the event is English


14.30Opening by the symposium chair
Sander Mertens BSc MSc PhD (Professor of Energy in Transition and Director of Centre of Expertise Mission Zero)

Methodologies and tools of the Designing Value Networks research group
We have put together an inspiring workshop offer for you. You will be assigned to a workshop.

Workshop 1: 
Systemic co-design in developing entrepreneurial ecosystems growth, In-holland Claudia Mayer with Armand van Oostrom, THUAS, DVN

Workshop 2:
Labtalk arena - encounter fire between different interests, Heleen Geerts, THUAS, DVN

Workshop 3:
Tackling societal transitions, Katinka Bergema, transitionmanager at Zwaluw, Innovation & collaboration VanWaarde



Official part Inauguration dr Liliya Terzieva
16.00Hans Nederlof, member of the Executive Board 
The Hague University of Applied Sciences ambition for practice-oriented research
16.15Inaugural lecture:
Dr. Liliya Terzieva (Professor Designing Value Networks)
17.00Introduction and roundtable discussion with the Designing Value Networks research group
17.15Closing and official installation as a lecturer by Deborah Mevissen, Dean Faculty of Business, Finance, and Marketing
17.30Drinks and bites

We look forward to seeing you on April 2. Will you be there?