Join us at Art Lovers at The Hague University of Applied Sciences for an insightful discussion on creativity amidst conflict, featuring Christian van der Kooy (NL) and Igor Chekachkov (UA).

How do artists manage to create such remarkable pieces amidst the turmoil of the Ukrainian war? Is it a result of, or in spite of, the conflict? And does art serve as a form of expression or a mere survival tactic for them? We'll be treated to captivating photography, intricate drawings, and thought-provoking magazines.

Johan Nieuwenhuize, an artist himself and advisor to our art collection, will lead a dialogue with the photographers, delving into the realm of Ukrainian art.

During the session, feel free to engage with the artists and join us for some refreshments afterwards.

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Image credits:
© Igor Chekachkov | Daily Lives

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