Who is the Writing Centre for?

The Writing Centre is open to all students of both Dutch and English-taught Bachelor programmes offered at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. 

What does the Writing Centre offer?

At the Writing Centre of The Hague University of Applied Sciences you can set up a meeting with a writing coach about any text you are required to write for your programme. During a private meeting of approx. 45 minutes, the writing coach will pose critical questions aimed at providing you with the necessary tools to take your text to the next level. The skills acquired during your meeting should help you in all your future writing endeavours. Meetings take place either face to face at THUAS or online on Microsoft Teams.

When should you apply to the Writing Centre?

You should apply to the Writing Centre if you would like some guidance with a writing assignment. It might be that you would like to go over the general outline, that you struggle to put your thoughts on paper, or that you are unsure how to incorporate feedback you’ve received. Perhaps you want to turn a failed mark into a pass, or you simply want to write the best possible text.

What does a writing coach (not) do?

A writing coach is a (master) student who is a skilled writer and is trained to coach. They will prepare a meeting centered on your text and needs. The writing coach can help you to approach the assignment efficiently, to formulate your arguments or core message clearly, or to give your text the appropriate style or structure.

The writing coach will not comment on the content of your work, nor correct errors in spelling or grammar. You are (and will remain) the sole author of the piece and you alone are responsible for the final result. 

Setting up a meeting

You can set up a meeting using the application form. After your application has been reviewed, one of the writing coaches will contact you to arrange a meeting. After the first meeting you can, in coordination with your coach, plan a follow-up. You can set up as many meetings as necessary or required.

  • Applications are reviewed Mondays to Fridays.
  • Please note that you will be asked to send us the text in question at least 24 hours in advance (writingcentre@hhs.nl)
  • We cannot arrange meetings on the same day we receive the application.