The Research group New Finance is involved in a number of EU projects around access to grassroots finance: European Migrant Entrepreneur Network project (EMEN) and the Young Migrant Entrepreneur Capacity Building project (YMCB) and LEarning, Teaming up and Saving - SAVing groups for Employabiliy and Empowerment (LETS SAVEE).

This includes, among other things, developing training resources on financial education for migrant entrepreneurs. Julie-Marthe Lehmann is also the co-initiator of the project LEarning, Teaming up and Saving - SAVing groups for Employabiliy and Empowerment (LETS SAVEE). Several partners work together in this Erasmus+ project to exchange knowledge about savings groups and further develop the methods used. Julie Lehmann also completed her dissertation on this topic in 2020 Balancing the social and financial sides of the coin: an action research on setting up financial self-help groups in the Netherlands'.

Project leaders

  • Project leader Klaas Molenaar, fellow member of The Hague University of Applied Sciences, previously professor at the Financial Inclusion and New Entrepeneurship research group.
  • Julie Lehmann, researcher at the Research group New Finance,

Intended duration of the project

  • The Lets SAVEE project started in December 2019 and is expected to run until January 2022.
  • The YMCB project started in January 2019 and ran until January 2021.
  • The EMEN project started in October 2017 and ran until September 2020.