The Russian-Ukrainian War has been ongoing at different levels of intensity since 2014, escalating into a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Since the very beginning, Open-Source Intelligence investigations (OSINT) have played a crucial role in this conflict by providing real-time information and analysis, thus enabling the international community to monitor military operations, verify claims, and gain insights into the evolving dynamics of the war.

Ms. Annique Mossou, was previously part of an OSINT team of the Dutch National Police, where she specialised in online Jihadist propaganda, and is currently a trainer and researcher for Bellingcat – an independent investigative collective, which relies on open-source methods to investigate a variety of subjects of public interest. From the MH17 plane crash over eastern Ukraine to police violence in Colombia, the Bellingcat investigations have been regularly referenced by international media and cited by several courts and investigative missions. In addition, Bellingcat designs and shares verifiable methods of ethical digital investigation. At Bellingcat, Ms. Mossou focusses on the world of mis- and disinformation, conspiracy theories and the Russian-Ukrainian War.

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Anna Matczak, Safety & Security Management (SSMS) and Lowna van Hekezen, study association Centuria.

The Safety & Security Management (SSMS) study association Centuria has an OSINT committee which organizes workshops to give students the opportunity to put their knowledge to practice. Both the SSMS minors Cybercrime and Intelligence Collection and Analysis also contribute to the practical use of OSINT expertise.

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